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Premium Domains

A Premium Domain is a high demand name that is already registered and available for purchase on the domain name aftermarket.  A Premium Domain is a TLD (Top Level Domain).  Usually a Premium Domain is valued far above the original registration fee.  Some domains sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars and there are even some that sell for millions of dollars such as movie.com,

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Top 5 Web Hosting Tips

Most people searching useful web hosting tips are often beginners, so today`s top 5 tips are with that in mind.

Disc Space

Disc Space refers to the amount of data that can be stored in your partitioned portion of a shared server.   A minimum amount of space should be at least 50 GB to start your website with options to easily upgrade when needed.

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List of New TLD Extensions

The list of new domain extensions has been announced! The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) developed a New Generic Top-Level Domain program, which allows new TLDs (nTLDs) into the Internet’s addressing system. Webzone is excited to offer exciting new TLDs like .CLUB, 

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What are Premium Domains

Premium Domain Names are domain names that can be valued way above the normal registration fee. There are a lot of speculators, or domainers, who invest their time researching, and their money buying, premium domain names.
But what makes a premium domain name? Why are some Domains more valuable than others?

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New TLDs

The new gTLDs, or generic top-level domains, are “dot-anything” domain extensions that go beyond .com, .net, .org and the other domain endings that we’re used to.

ICANN accepted applications in the first half of 2012 from large organizations wanting to run new domain extensions, which includes companies such as IBM,

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Top New Domain Name Extensions

  1. .SHOP – There are two domains vying for top position in the new TLD stakes, and .shop is one of them (.web is the other). On balance it will probably end up being the most sought after and popular name simply because it can be applied to many situations,

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.CA For Non-Canadians

Canada’s top level domain name registry (.ca) is a restricted access registry with local presence requirements, a stand alone domain name arbitration process and a unique privacy policy. The .ca registry is well regarded by Canadians, and .ca domain names generally indicate to consumers that the products and services are available in Canada.

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Top 5 Domain Name Tips

  1. Always start the domain name game with securing the country code and the .com extension.  Although some extensions may be valuable and worthwhile, the average internet user still recognizes .com or their country extension as the gold standard.
  2. Avoid using numbers or hyphens. 

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