Premium Domains

A Premium Domain is a high demand name that is already registered and available for purchase on the domain name aftermarket.  A Premium Domain is a TLD (Top Level Domain).  Usually a Premium Domain is valued far above the original registration fee.  Some domains sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars and there are even some that sell for millions of dollars such as,, and

Benefits of Premium Domains

Premium Domains are valuable because they:

  • Contain generic terminology and keywords
  • Are short and easy to remember
  • Target specific markets
  • Are of interest to a wide selection of prospective customers or businesses
  • Have established SEO and SEM strategies
  • Have established brand & marketing strategies
  • May not yet be established but likely will be
  • Sought after by many speculators

Or simply one that a buyer desires.  There are no guarantees with domain names but with a little research you can find the value in a Premium Domain Name.

Search Webzone’s Premium Domain Market.

2 comments on “Premium Domains
  1. Mark Cawley says:

    Was just wondering do I have to transfer my domain to Webzone to sell it?

    • Webzone Webzone says:

      Although you do not need to transfer your domain, We do offer competitive transfer rates and a free 1 year extension. Here is the Link. Listing a domain is free however it requires a more stringent verification process if not parked with Webzone. The 5% transaction fee is only applicable when your domain is sold. More selling process details would be available by contacting

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